• Triton Luxury Villa (Turks and Caicos)

Enjoy peace and quiet

For those who simply seeking a quiet, uncrowded beach, don’t fret. Most of the kiteboarding on Long Bay Beach is contained in a small area of the beach. Don’t forget, Long Bay Beach is three miles long. Walk a little ways to the right, and chances are you won’t find another soul around. And who doesn’t love having a beautiful, pristine beach all to themselves?

Bring the kids

The water depth in Long Bay makes it the perfect place for families and children in particular. Depths range from two to four feet. And its location along the southern shore protects the beach from the larger ocean swells often found on the north shore. The consistent tradewinds also provide a reprieve from the year-round warm temperatures of the Turks and Caicos. Pack a picnic and bring your family to a quiet, secluded spot on the beach—or take the kids to watch the kiteboarders in action as they glide along the ocean surface, their colorful kites flying high above.