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Gone Fishin’: The Turks & Caicos Edition

Fishermen and women, pay attention: Whether you prefer deep sea fishing, bonefishing, or reef fishing, no doubt the Turks and Caicos should be your next destination. Our islands are an angler’s delight, with something to offer for everyone.

The Turks and Caicos are home to one of the longest barrier reefs in the world, which quickly gives way to the Atlantic deep. The deep blue is just a short boat ride away from shore, and anglers can expect to be fishing in as little as 10 minutes after leaving the dock. A variety of big game fish can be found out there, including wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi and sailfish (catch and release). If you’re really lucky, you may even catch a blue marlin (also catch and release).

For bonefish lovers, look no further—the elusive bonefish can be found here aplenty. The Caicos Banks offer some of the best flats fishing around, and with the right guide, you’re bound to have a successful day catching bonefish.

If you want to take the whole family out fishing (kids included), reef fishing is the perfect option, requiring less skill than bonefishing and deep sea fishing, and providing more opportunity for a catch. Our barrier reef is teeming with life, and many of the fish there make for a delicious meal, including grouper, yellowtail and various kinds of snapper.

Whatever your chosen fishing adventure, we recommend booking your trip with Talbot’s Adventures. A team of local anglers with decades of experience, Levardo Talbot and his crew tailor each fishing trip to your needs. Half and full day charters are available, and all fishing equipment is provided. Bear in mind that fishing in Turks and Caicos requires a temporary permit at $12 a day for anglers 16 and older. Ready to book? The fish are biting…


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