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Triton Luxury Villa (Turks and Caicos)



Triton Luxury Beach Villa in Turks and Caicos


The island is one of the most sought-after, luxury residential and tourism locations in the Caribbean. It offers an attractive investment and living environment with an extremely high quality lifestyle. In fact, “Provo”, is the #1 Best Island in the World, voted in 2015 by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards. 

Triton is located towards the southern end of Long Bay’s 3-mile beach. A walk along this warm turquoise ocean on the white powder sand beach will bring you in front of only a handful of Caribbean cottages and a few luxury villas. There are no hotels or commercial development within 2 miles of the villa. This lends you to have your own private beach.

Triton is designed to capture what has been lost on most high- end Caribbean beach destinations; a sense of peace and calm with all the amenities you would come to expect at one of the Turks and Caicos most elegant properties. This uncrowded and peaceful piece of paradise is amongst the safest, crime-wise, of the Caribbean islands and offers outstanding restaurants, world class conditions for kiteboarding (visit, amazing diving, one of the best golf courses, and a wide variety of other fun family related activities.

Built for the Gods

Triton is the mythological Greek god, known as the ‘Messenger of the sea’.

Triton’s special attribute is a twisted conch shell which he picked up while walking along Long Bay Beach.
He blows this shell like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves or wind. Its sound is so beautiful, that when loudly blown, it puts kite boarders into flight and relaxed beachgoers to sleep.

According to legend, the Greek God ‘Triton’ still visits his villa on Long Bay Beach to transcend over the natural beauty while taking in the magnificent views from the second floor’s glass front decks and balconies.